Z přípravy na ústní zkoušku z anglických reálií

27.04.2015 12:03

Dokážete odpovědět správně anglicky na následující otázky?


Pokud dokážete bez přemýšlení odpovědět na následující otázky, nemusíte se tématu British History obávat.

British history
1. Who were the first settlers of Great Britain and what historical monuments did preserve?
2. Which three celtic languages have survived up to now?
3. When did the Roman invade Great Britain?
4. Why did Britain become the Roman colony?
5. Where did the Romans set up their capital?
6. What cities did the Romans establish?
7. How many years did the Roman occupation last?
8. Which 3 germanic tribes invaded Britain in the 5th century?
9. Where did they come from?
10. Whom did they conquer?
11. Who was Arthur, when did he live and what stories are still told about him and his knights?
12. What was Excalubur?
13. What was Camelot?
14. Where did the Jutes settle?
15. Where did the Angles settle?
16. Which part of Britain occupied the Saxons?
17. Under the Anglo-Saxons the country was divided into 7 parts. Name them.
18. When were these kingdoms united and who united them?
19. In which century did the Vikings start to invade Britain?
20. Where did they come from and in which part did they settle?
21. Who were the Danes? Which part of the country did they occupy?
22. What were the Vikings good at?
23. What do you know about the Saxons?
24. Who was Albert the Great?
25. Till which century did the Scandinavian occupation last?
26. What is Edward the Confessor known for?
27. When did he die?
28. Did he leave any children?
29. Who ruled after him?
30. What was king William the Conqueror known for?
31. How could you characterise the period of the 12th century?
32. WHo was Richard I. and why did they call him Lion Heart?
33. WHo was Ribin Hood? Where did he live and what was he famous for?
34. Magna Charta - what was it?
34. The War of Roses? What do you know about it?
35. How long did it last?
36. Henry VIII. Tell us about him and his life.
37. Anglican Church - tell what you know:
38. Queen Elisabeth I. and England - characterize the kingdom under the rule of QE I.
39. Did QEI. have andy children?
40. Who ruled the country afher QEI?
41. Who was Mary Stuart?
42. When were England and Scotland united?
43. What was the cause of the Civil War?
44. In which century was the Civil War?
45. Who was Oliver Cromwell?
46. Characterize the 18th and 19th century in Britain.
47. What do you know about Queen Viictoria and how long did she rule?
48. Since when do the monarchs live in the Buckingham Palace?
49. What was the name of Queen Elisabeth II. nd father´s name?
50. Why did he become the King?